Monday, April 11, 2011

The tale of two kitties

If you are a faithful blog reader (smirk) then you know Grace had a kitten named Lurlurr who died. A few months later we decided to get two kitties to see if we could increase our odds for survival. Matt had a friend at work who talked him into it. They were "free". Grace got Garfield (an orange, long haired tabby) and Bella got Tigsy (an orange, short haired tabby). Brothers. I'm not sure exactly how I get talked into all these pets. Except that I love my "animal loving" children and husband. And also, I hate mice. A few days after we had them Garfield got an eye infection. (Not uncommon in kittens, apparently.) Then one day we came back from taking the kids to school and Garfield was limping, not putting any weight on his leg. Sweet. A $350 vet bill later.... Well, what were we supposed to do? Tell our daughter ( who had come back from Disneyland, months earlier, to find her first kitten had died) "Sorry sweetie, We were hoping to send you to college so..." Free cats indeed. Oh and did I mention that Bella put Tigsy in a diaper bag and dropped him out of our upstairs window while were out of town? He, of course, was fine. You gotta be tough to be Ramona...I mean Bella's pet.

It's like we live at the zoo.


christa said...

Bleeck!! Ava has been asking for a cat as of late. I, however, am not near the mother that you are. After much refusal (and even more begging) I am still standing strong in my disdain for cats--ewww, even the word 'cat' is ugly. I may just buy Mindy's cat pillow and try to trick Ava..... (btw, an avid reader I am :)

Kim said...

Hahaha... I'm sure PETA would not approve, but I laughed so hard at the "cat in diaper bag out the window" part. Good luck in your new role as zoo keeper :)

J.A.Belanger said...

Hi Tana, We have gold fish...not cats for our crew! Long time, amazing that I have found your blog.... not sure if you still check it as it seems unused in 12 months almost. Looks like you have a full family. Great to see your doing well.

John Belanger - Canada 1996 or so!