Monday, August 30, 2010

shout out to my BFC

You know Best Friend Cousin... like a BFF, only blood relation.

She texted me last night to "update your blog already." So here it is.

This is Lyndi. She is my BFC. We've been friends forever. When we were little we were pen pals and I would eagerly await her letters. When we were in high school I lived with her family for a semester. We could carry on entire conversations without words. We had sleepovers Friday and Saturday nights in her room and we had hundreds of inside jokes, that only we found funny. There's nothing quite like a BFC. If you have one, you know.

The problem now is that the only time we see each other is if someone dies or gets married. Sad. Well, not this summer. The kids and I took a little road trip to see her family. So fun. We stayed up way too late talking and it's like the time has never passed.

My sister, Wynn; me; my cousin, Lyndi; and my other BFC, Cassie. It really doesn't do any of my gorgeous girls' justice...but after a long day of shopping and so many shots...we took what we could get.
So...Lyndi Lou... I love you! (Sorry it's taken me so long to update the ole' blog.)


Just Us said...

What a cute BFC. I love BFC's. Mine was a boy BFC and he just so happened to be a my KC too. See if you can figure that one out.

mandiereed said...

how cute. :) i married my pen pal. :) btw, was it you that told me you could do reverse email lookups? was this the site you were talking about??? i was going to it and it was not showing up...

Michelle said...

shots? with your bfc? glad she finally shamed you into posting! : ) thursday night in the ER and i'm missing you!

sariah said...

Hey Tana- how are you and the cute baby? Is he walking? You're probably so busy- I know how that is. I thought of you the other day when I wore my "Chicks in the Sticks" shirt. :-)