Friday, November 12, 2010


So, I signed up for the "Main Treat" for Grace's class for the Halloween party. I made some cupcakes.
They were... (wince) cute. They had orange frosting and a sucker poking out of the top. I took them into the class and what was already there but the cutest spider cupcakes with licorice legs, red eyes, and chocolate sprinkles so they looked hairy.


My friend Mindy pointed out that I should have signed up for paper products.

Good Point.

WELL, my friends, today is Grace's ninth birthday (It's true, We have reached the half way point of the time we'll have her full time. Sniffle.) She asked me to bring in cinnamon rolls for her birthday treat. And I did.

Take that all you cute cupcake bringing moms.
They look good, no?
P.S. This post reminded me of the part at the end of Dumb and Dumber when the one says to the other, " Just when I think you can't possibly be any dumber you do something like this..... and totally REDEEM yourself." Funny.


Amy Lindstrom ~ said...

Hahaha! That just put me in the mood for Dumb and Dumber! I LOVE THAT!

You make me laugh! And YES those cinnamon rolls look divine! :)

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That was a nice one from the Dumb and Dumber... Awesome movie it was. By the way those cinnamon rolls look delicious. Someone's lucky to have them.

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